Heartland, Anchor & Plume Press, June 2016.


“Good Friday’s A Hard Rain That Won’t Fall,” forthcoming in Dappled Things.

“After the Fig Leaves, Eve Cuts Her Hair,” forthcoming in Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry, April 2018.

Empathy,” Virga, May 2017.

Named,” HeartWood, April 2017.

February Never Ends,” Whale Road Review, December 2016.

The Thinness of Things” in Peacock Journal, October 2016.

Canticle of Philomela” in Peacock Journal, October 2016.

Sacrament” in Peacock Journal, October 2016.

Rising” in Peacock Journal, October 2016.

Women’s Work in Peacock Journal, October 2016.

Blessings” in Mothers Always Write, Feb 15, 2016.

The Song of the Lark” in EkphrasticJan 16, 2016.

Baptism of the Neophytes” in Ekphrastic, Jan 16, 2016.

Saved,” in Mothers Always Write, Jan 15, 2015.

Bivouacked,” in Rose Red Review, winter 2015.

Dear October,” in Rose Red Review, winter 2015.

Wheat Psalm,” in Kindred, fall/winter 2015 (print publication.)

A Sip of September is Yellow,” Synaesthesia Magazine, October 2015.

A Time to Sow,” Verse-VirtualAugust 2015.

Everything Is Sky In Kansas,” Transcendence Magazine, vol. 3, July 2015.


God as Poet,” Ignitum Today, 26 April 2017.


“February Never Ends,” nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Whale Road Review

“The Trouble,” a finalist in the 2013 North Carolina State Poetry Contest, judged by Michael Weigers


2 thoughts on “Publications

  1. I’m enjoying my copy of “Heartland” very much. I enjoyed meeting you today at The Book Grinder. If my friends are interested in buying a copy of your book, can they contact you here or somewhere? Thanks again, for your pleasing poetic take on Kansas.


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