HEARTLAND is up for pre-order!

Heartland is officially open for pre-order! It’s just $10 and will ship June 6th. I couldn’t be more excited that this book is finally about to be out in the world. I would really appreciate it if you’d place an order! 

Order Heartland here: http://anchorandplumepress.com/shop/heartland

Here’s one advance review; find more at the ordering page: 

“LeighAnna Schesser’s remarkable collection of poetry, Heartland, not only speaks of the Midwest with stunningly original language, but it invokes a state of being. From immersing the reader in the sky that is the landscape in and beyond Kansas, to the ending poem, a love song to place and our capacity to learn now to love, these poems shimmer and endure. Schesser’s fresh images also show us how to see, hear, and feel where we are and what history and future is held in a single moment, “As if water, once, learned/ how to die, and lying/ down, flowered.” This book is one of the finest I’ve read about the power of the earth, sky, and our lives in the heartland.”  —Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, 2009-13 Kansas Poet Laureate


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