Two new poems out!

Exciting news: two of my poems have been published in the winter 2015 issue of Rose Red Review!

Unlike my other poems published this year, these two are not from my forthcoming book. Their subjects and style are quite different from my place-based poems. “Bivouacked” is a meditation on the power of words to shape our self-identity and the narratives that drive us, and “Dear October,” is an epistle to the haunting, unnerving edge of Autumn.

I decided to submit to Rose Red Review after reading “At the Dugout” by Rebekah Rempel in the autumn 2015 issue, which is one of my favorite poems I’ve ever read. Her images work on the heart like soft gong strokes: they strike deep and true, and reverberate.



2 thoughts on “Two new poems out!

  1. Really beautiful poems, LeighAnna! For some reason the first stanza of both poems was most striking to me. In “Bivouacked” I instantly connected because I’ve been volunteering to do things I wouldn’t normally enjoy doing. Not that I consider myself a hero. 🙂 “At the Dugout” is a great poem, too. Thanks for sharing!


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